I’m a Ph. D. student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Kansas.  I’m currently studying numerical simulations of compressible fluid flow, as well as developing a framework for rate-constitutive equations in Lagrangian framework, hoping to form a general theory that encompasses Hooke’s law, nonlinear elasticity, plasticity, and flow in a unified manner.

I’m also a “retired” percussion instructor and aspiring freelance percussion writer and arranger (you can see samples of my writing at percussiveinstinct.com.

I’m an avid fan of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software), and contribute efforts to casual bug-bashing here and there, as well as maintaining ndiswrapper on rpmfusion for Fedora.

Lastly, I’m one of 150 selected attendees for NASA’s Tweetup event for the final launch of the space shuttle program.  I will be using this blog to tell that story.

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